Show & Tell - St. Petersburg, Russia, November 2004

Some VGCA members went to Russia to attend General Kalashnikov's 85th Birthday Celebration in Russia. Members that went included:

Hurst, Costello, Wallace, and York

Below are a couple of photos of the event.

18th Century Mortar Artillery Museum St. Petersburg

Very early Russian arms made at Izhvesk, circa 1800. Times of Peter the Great.

General Kalashnikov at dinner with VGCA members

Large 17th century cannon stored outside at the Artillery Museum at St. Petersburg

Massed artillery pieces (World War II era) at the Artillery Museum

Experimental AK rifles at the Kalashnikov Museum in Izhevsk

Cathedral of the Blood - St. Petersburg

General Kalashnikov presenting medal to Richard Jones of HMS Pattern Room UK

Cold bent barrels on display at the Izhevsk Museum. Barrel tolerances are intact!

General Kalashnikov and VGCA member John Wallace at dinner

VGCA members and friends at dinner with General Kalashnikov

General Kalashnikov being serenaded at dinner

VGCA member John Wallace dancing with General Kalashnikov's daughter Nellie

VGCA members with a private moment with General Kalashnikov at dinner